Optimistic outlook for 2016, Express Employment survey finds

Half of business leaders expect moderate growth in 2016, according to a survey released today by Express Employment Professionals. Fewer predicted a decrease in business activity, while more predicted growth.

“Many companies faced their share of challenges in 2015, but by and large, business leaders have high expectations for 2016,” said Express CEO Bob Funk. “A full two-thirds expect growth. That confidence is itself a positive sign for the economy, and if these predictions come true, 2016 may indeed be a happy new year.”

Business leaders were asked, “What are your business performance predictions for 2016?” Responses include:

  • We will see moderate growth: 50%
  • We will remain steady, but unchanged: 18%, down from 31% in the prior year’s survey
  • We expect to see exponential growth: 16%, down from 46%
  • Will likely experience a decrease in business activity: 13%, down from 17%
  • Other: 3%, down from 6%

The response choices for previous years differed from 2015 in that respondents were not given the option of choosing “moderate growth.”

However, the survey results are not quite as positive as at the end of 2013, when only 7% of respondents expected a decrease in business activity for the year ahead.

The survey was conducted via an Express Employment Professionals blog for executives and business leaders and received 120 responses.

– See more at: http://www.staffingindustry.com/Research-Publications/Daily-News/Optimistic-outlook-for-2016-Express-Employment-survey-finds-36462#sthash.EZb5frdi.dpuf

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